Our trained staff is always ready to help, provide advice as well as answer questions related to our offered services, safety, equipment, cleaning – and you might even learn some hidden tidbits!

They will familiarize you with the basic rules for staying in the guesthouse, and in case of any problem don’t hesitate to contact our manager who will do his/her best to provide help, advice, or secure the required repairs.

We would also like to ask all our guests to report (at the reception) any discovered damage, hygienic problems, noise or other matters that might be making their stay unpleasant. We do our best to resolve all such reports discretely and reasonably. If a guest causes damage to a piece of equipment, he/she should contact the administrator in order to discuss suitable rectification – we do our best to find reasonable solutions and take into account the wear and tear of various equipment, and so there’s no need to worry too much about penalties, it’s mostly about keeping us informed and allowing us to repair or replace the equipment in due time. That is why you are welcome to report defects, complaints, suggestions, notes and remarks at the reception – either in person or in writing (to this end, you can use the mailbox located near the main entrance in front of the reception, or the designated email address: praniastiznosti@md-service.cz)

The guesthouse rules are available at the reception and are usually also located on the door of each room.

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MD service s.r.o.
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How to contact us

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