The guesthouse is approved in line with current norms and meets the requirements of all European norms; in terms of hygiene; in terms of hygiene, all areas have a size that exceeds the lower bounds required by the norms and are kept hygienically clean, of course while taking into account the current situation and method of use, but always with only a minimum delay until correction where required. Hygiene Rules approved by the Hygienic Station of Prague are posted on each floor.
As far as fire safety goes, the guesthouse has all the required certificates and is very safe; it recently passed a fire safety inspection and is equipped with a powerful air flow unit for the removal of smoke, fire sirens, two hydrants, and at least three fire extinguishers on each floor. In case of a power outage, all corridors are equipped with emergency lighting (with a power supply of 30 minutes) that facilitate easy navigation. A fire escape route is posted on each floor of the building, and the directions of emergency exits are properly marked. The lift is secured for evacuations and there is no risk of getting stuck in case of power outage – in that case it will automatically move to the ground floor and open the doors (regardless of whether there are people inside or not). Individual rooms are equipped with automatic closers and with fire detectors which will activate an alarm. These devices comply with safety norms and their misuse is penalized by the Scaremongering Act.

The building is also secured by a CCTV (camera) system with backed-up recordings which eliminate the occurrence of intruders and guarantee safety in the shared areas of the guesthouse. Still, we ask our guests to duly lock their rooms, avoid keeping active unsupervised electrical appliances in the rooms (it is strictly forbidden to use any hotplates, electric kettles, microwave and other ovens or other heating equipment or cooling appliances in the rooms – the use of such appliances is only allowed in the kitchens). It is also strictly forbidden to handle open fire and flammable substances in the rooms or the premises of the guesthouse.

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