We carefully ensure that hygienic principles are adhered to, and regularly clean and disinfect the premises of the guesthouse. Our trained staff responsible for cleaning the shared areas of the guesthouse is ready to accept your remarks or notices regarding hygienic problems. The corridors and other shared areas are regularly cleaned, disinfected and checked on a daily basis. The kitchens are also cleaned every day, but in a way that allows other guests to also use the kitchen! Toilets and bathrooms are cleaned and regularly checked every day – and we are also ready to receive your remarks in case of sudden damage or hygienic problems.

Rooms are cleaned when they are vacant – when they are in use, the guests are obliged to keep the rooms clean and tidy on their own and to ensure that hygienic as well as guesthouse rules are adhered to and to prevent excessive damage/staining to room furniture – utensils and cleaning agents are located in the mini-cabinet, located next to the lift on each floor; this cabinet also contains a dispenser for clean water and an outlet for dirty water. We hereby ask our guests to avoid pouring dirty water in sinks, washbasins, or showers. It is also possible to borrow a mop, dust brush, broom, bucket, swab, dustpan and disinfecting agent – of course under the assumption that this equipment will be returned to its place after use so that other guests can use it! A vacuum cleaner is available upon request from the reception – here, we require a signature and ask that it is returned immediately after use. Requested or required cleaning is charged via a one-time fee of CZK 300 (guests will of course receive a receipt/tax document).
In case of long-term stays, bed sheets are replaced every fourteen days upon request at the reception, ideally on Wednesday (remove used bed sheeting, neatly pack it up and bring it to the reception where it’ll be replaced with new clean sheeting) – replacing bed sheets sooner than that is subject to a fee of CZK 50.

There are office buildings and other enterprises in the vicinity of the guesthouse, and so it is necessary to keep the surrounding areas and premises of the guesthouse clean and tidy – we hereby ask our guests to help us with the proper disposal of waste via the designated trash cans and by observing the ban on storing food and other items on the outer window sills and on throwing anything out of the windows. At the same time, guests are strictly forbidden from moving in the guesthouse and its vicinity when drunk, due to safety as well as maintaining civil order. In such cases, the accommodation agreement for the given guest may be immediately revoked without any claim for compensation, since this represents a fundamental violation of the guesthouse rules.
Moreover, we ask our guests not to use the premises in the vicinity of the guesthouse for recreation and relaxation – the forest located just behind the building is better suited for these needs, and it is necessary to avoid disturbing the inhabitants of other buildings in the vicinity.

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